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Oceanis Change Background Windows 7 1.0

Image Oceanis Change Background Windows 7 1.0
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    Windows 8/7

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    October 04, 2018

  • "Add wallpapers in Windows 7 Starter"

Oceanis Change Background Windows 7 is a tool that allows you to customize your Windows desktop background.

If you have it installed on a desktop computer, you probably don't have this problem, but if your version of Windows 7 is called Starter, you've already noticed that you can't change your desktop background. This is because this version is often installed on very low-cost computers and the operating system has to be adapted to these costs. But to make it more economical, they install it with no possibility of customization.

With this free program you solve this problem simply by installing Oceanis Change Background Windows and restarting your computer.

You don't have to worry about the consumption, because it hardly uses memory and it doesn't alter the operation of your Windows either.